4 Interesting World Destinations

In case you are planning to travel abroad, but you don’t have an idea where you can get the most from your holiday, we have created a list of great destinations in different parts of the world. Every destination has its unique characteristics and they are suitable for every category of travelers. Remember that these are only brief descriptions, so in case you are really interested in some of them, perform a more thorough research.

New York, USA

Experience the amazing and exciting life that people who live in NYC experience on a daily basis. This is one of the largest and most vibrant cities in the world where cultures from dozens of different countries meet. It is not unusual to hear different accent or even different languages after walking less than a mile on the streets of this spectacular city. The Museum of Modern Art, the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Times Square, the Fifth Avenue – these are some of the places that are must-see for every individual who will visit New York City.

London, United Kingdom

People looking for more refined trip where they can enjoy true culture and art will be thrilled in London. They can visit some of the best theaters in the world like the Royal National Theatre and witness some of the greatest classics like the Phantom of the Opera. Besides theaters, London is packed with many heritage sites, museums, galleries and other interesting places.


Sydney, Australia

You can explore the biggest city in Australia in two ways by sea or by land. Many people use the walking tour to famous pieces of architecture like the Sydney Opera House while other take tour buses that will help you see more things in this large city.

Skopje, Macedonia

If you are interested in trying something completely different visit the capital city of Macedonia. This city is getting quite popular among tourists because of the interesting facelift Skopje got in the past few years. While you are there, check the new building of the Archeological Museum, the Museum of Macedonian Struggle and the Renovated Old Theater. In addition, you can visit some sites that are hundreds of years old like the stone Bridge, the Fortress and the Roman Aqueduct.  

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