The Best Island Holiday Destinations in the World

If we ask almost any person about how they imagine their dream holiday they will probably say that they want to spend their vacation on some beautiful tropical island. So, it is no surprise that almost every island in the world that has beautiful beaches and minimum conditions for tourism has invested in this sector. Of course, the best island destinations are busy during the entire year because most of them have favorable climate throughout the year. The most popular islands in the world have it all – soft, clean white sands, clear skies, palm trees and crystal clear waters. This description that we just gave will probably make you think about your next holiday. If you are looking for more concrete information and suggestions, we will provide a short list of islands in different parts of the world that are known for their beauty.

Bali, Indonesia

Indonesia is a country that has hundreds of islands, but Bali is probably the symbol of tourism in this Asian country. Even though this island is a little bit far away from most countries and even from the capital of Indonesia, the trip is worth it. This island is home to peaceful, pleasant and friendly people who are talented artisans and craftsmen. While you are in Bali, you can visit some spectacular beaches and some amazing old Buddhist temples. Needless to say, most of the hotels there are luxurious with all-inclusive offers. There are also some less expensive hostels and guesthouses. If you want to learn more about Balinese art visit Ubud if you want to enjoy more secluded beaches and coast head north. In case you love nature, don’t forget to check the Valley of Ayung River.


Barbados is an island located in the Caribbean. It is praised for its natural beauty and this is only one of the reasons why so many people visit this island every year. Many tourists skip Barbados because they think that this place is too commercial, but the truth is that this island still has the magic and it can surprise even people who have visited it more than once. The rainy season lasts from June till November so it may be a good idea to avoid it. The capital city of Bridge Town is home to more than 25% of the population of this independent state.



For more than three decades, Mauritius is considered to be a top holiday destination especially among honeymooners. You may not find many manmade attractions (except for the luxurious hotels) on Mauritius, but the beauty of nature will certainly impress you. This is one of the most beautiful places in the Indian Ocean.

Langkawi, Malaysia

This is the least known island on this list, but this doesn’t mean that it is less beautiful than the rest of these places. This is actually an archipelago located in the Andaman Sea. Many of the islands are connected with a bridge and besides the beautiful beaches you can visit true rainforest in Langkawi.